MARSILI'S COMPANY opened in March 2002 in Borgo San Jacopo, in the heart of Florence, just 100 meters far from the Old Bridge.
MARSILI'S COMPANY is an exclusive store specializing in CHESS-MEN and CHESS-BOARDS of all types and sizes suitable for the small and the great gift:
  • Brass Turned Chess in many different classical and modern lines.
  • Resin Chess completely hand painted representing famous historical or fantastic characters.
  • Bronze Chess lost wax casting moulds products and finished with real gold and silver reproducing armour and glorious battles of the past
  • Chessboards, game tables and travel games sets made in many materials and finishes: alabaster, elm briar wood, walnut, rosewood ecc..
Most chess set sold are hand made in our own factory ITALFAMA unique in the world.
MARSILI'S COMPANY also sells gift items of high quality:
  • Bronzed Resin Statues representing art of the great masters: Leonardo da Vinci,Michelangelo,Canova etc..,Historical Characthers: Musicians,Philosophers,Romans Warriors, Spartan Warriors etc..,Modern Art and so many other categories
  • Pewter Sculptures representing Knights,soldiers, armours of the past
  • Globes and Hourglasses in high quality and finishing
Customer Care
For technical support or expert advice on your purchase:
+39 328 0090798